The eye sends the fastest messages to your brain. Browsing and skimming over information has become the norm. Often this is done on smartphones while on breaks, on the bus or while watching TV.

I create tailor-made and visually uniform illustrations for you, so your audience will recognize you and the trust in your brand will grow.



I make the content specifically for your topic. It can be as weird as having a cat eating a UFO while balancing on a pole. It will be quite hard to find a photo or stock image of this scene, right?



It can be a hassle to find images for a variation of topics that look similar enough. I can draw your illustrations with the same visual style every time you need additional content. It doesn’t matter if you need them now or in two years.



Sometimes there is content that gives you a headache figuring out its meaning. Graphics accompanying such texts make it much easier to understand and visualize the information.


I create all illustrations by hand, so no one else will ever have the same images. I can adjust everything from style to colours or media to fit your message and your company guidelines.


If you want people to remember you and your brand you have to stand out and be consistent. Otherwise potential customers are confused. Let’s create your companies visual voice to create imagery that sticks with your audience.


Nina Schindlinger


I am an Illustrator... and Cat Lover | Black Tea Drinker | Pink Addict!

I have two black cats named Nippy and Drizzle.

I got them when moving back to Austria after studying in Dublin. That's why their names are an homage to the Irish weather and all my treasured memories.

Many of my personal illustrations are rooted in fantasy, magic and the mystical, as I have quite the thing for witches. I guess it’s a good thing that my lucky number is 13.


Illustration can be used for a wide variety of projects. Because of a sheer endless amount of styles, it fits almost any brief.


It’s especially useful, because you will reach your audience by conveying emotions.

How do potential customers decide if they are going to buy a product?

Not with logic, but with a split-second gut feeling, triggered by their heart, not their brain!



Illustration & Design

Nina Schindlinger

+43 (0) 680 / 133 13 50

Fantaberg 2/5

4861 Schörfling/Attersee


Please talk to me about your project! No matter if it's about advertising, licensing one of my patterns or getting a custom commission.

I'd love to hear from you!

If you want to chat, send a mail or arrange a meeting, please get in touch.


Illustrations can make a great gift on a variety of products. Different themes and topics cater to everyones taste. I'm sure you'll also find something you like!

Or maybe you still want to make something yourself. My patterned fabrics are great for DIY sewing projects, due to the flexibility in fabric choices.

I also offer some digital downloads for free in my freebie section. Some are cute and pretty, others are just really helpful too!


Please take a look or contact me directly via my contact form for individual inquiries!

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