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How to create your first Product Line - 3 Part Series

Are you considering producing your own products or getting your own product line manufactured? I've written a three-part series, going into detail about possilbe product options for your business, where to sell those products and how to get them manufactured. I am talking about the pros and cons of every aspect so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Woman holding a tablet, looking at a backpack in the shape of a whale shark in the MilkyRosa online shop.

"This whole series was fantastic and so helpful! Thanks Nina, for sharing your insight and expertise."


Read the series on the Sketch Design Repeat blog:

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Photo of me, Nina Schindlinger, founder and creative director of MilkyRosa design agency

Written by Nina Schindlinger

Hi, I am Nina - the founder and creative director of MilkyRosa Design Agency. I specialise in branding and product design for companies that are young-at-heart. My design style is bold, playful and charming, which I use to make the world a little bit more colouful and to make your company tangible for your customers and create an experience they will remember.

Instagram: @milkyrosadesignagency

Facebook: @milkyrosadesignagency

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