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Successful to your own Illustration - A step-by-step guide that leaves no questions unanswered.

You have not gotten into contact with illustration yet or you are unsure how the process of working with me goes?

In this article I will explain to you which steps are necessary to realise a successful project. Without frustration or doubt, but with happiness and certainty!


You don't hire illustrators every day. At least that is the case with most people. Therefore, you may be unsure of how such a process works. No problem, because in the following article I will explain in detail how I work so that you know what to expect and you also dare to tackle your project.


The process can be divided into the following areas:

- Contact

- Concept Development

- Finalisation

Contact includes the establishment of contact and the initial first meeting.

During concept development, all components are worked out in order to be able to implement a finished product in the end.

The last phase, which is finalisation, combines all previously created elements into a finished product or design to be handed over to you.

All of the above points are in turn divided into smaller bites to ensure a better overview and not to overwhelm you. Because no one can keep track of 100 things at the same time.

ALL AREAS IN DETAIL - structured from A to Z

CONTACT - Get to know each other and clarify the brief

The establishment of contact

Do you have a new project or want to expand or revise an existing one and do you think that embedding illustrations would be beneficial?

Maybe you need several pictures in the same style or you already have images from stock pages, but now you want all graphics to be in your companies corporate design so that everything can be visually linked to your company?

Or maybe you are unsure whether illustrations make sense for your project at all?

No problem.

No matter how big or small your project is or if you are unsure of any areas, please contact me. I am sure I can help you figure these things out. Even if it only consists of answering your questions or removing doubts.

You can easily reach me by phone or email. Or you can use my contact form.

The more detailes I get about your project, the better. Especially at the beginning I have to get an overview and idea of your proposed project.

If you have decided on sending an email or using the form, I will get back to you as soon as possible so that we can make an appointment for a more detailed conversation.

Our first meeting

By now it is clear that using illustrations is a great idea, but the details have not yet been clarified. That's why we make an appointment. I'll be happy to come to you or we'll meet for a coffee in a pub. In times when we can't meet, or because we live far apart, we can chat via video call, of course.

Here I am going to ask you loads of questions. Often topics come up which you might not yet have thought of before, but which are extremely important for me in the implementation process.

The initial interview lasts, on average, between 30 minutes and 1 hours, depending on the scope of the project. So you should take some time.

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - Decisions are made

All questions have been answered and we have both decided to bring your project to life together. Yay!

It is important to me that from now on you always know of your project's current state. It would be absolutely terrible to end up surprising you with a result that you might not like at all!

Therefore, after each stage has been worked out, you will receive a progress file from me and you can give me your feedback on it and ask for changes.

Sketches and ideas

Analysis and research are extremely important in the beginning. I look at topics like the market, your target group or the competition. Because only then can I make specific decisions that will lead to your projects success. Then I start to put my ideas on paper by sketching them out.

I will pass on a selection of chosen ideas to you. Usually this happens via email. In the case of complex topics, I'm happy to discuss them together during a meeting or call.

Now you have time to think about my concepts and tell me what you like and which areas you would like for me to change. Revisions can be introduced at different stages. After your approval of this stage, work on the next section begins.

The colour studies

Colors have an amazing impact on perception and can serve various purposes. Either you work with the effect of color psychology, incorporate your own corporate colors into the design, or you work out a completely new color concept.

At the end of this stage you will get different suggestions from me and of course you have the opportunity to tell me your wishes. It is important to me that you always have an idea of how the finished project will look like and that you are always satisfied with each individual step.

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - Other possible areas

Depending on the project and scope, a project can be divided into even more steps:

Creating a companies visual language

If your goal is to develop a distinctive visual corporate language, I will develop different image styles from which you can choose. In some cases, a look at my existing portfolio is enough to indicate a direction.

You can take a look at my online portfolio here. If you would like to see which commissions I have already created in a certain field, you can also contact me and I will send you a portfolio tailored to your needs.

The layout

Somethimes a project needs more than the creation of illustrations. This can be the case for books, brochures or posters. We'll target the layout process in an individual step during the concept phase.

Fonts and combinations

If we take care of your corporate identity, i.e. your entire corporate design, then the font choice should not be left out.

Headings, body text, logo font. All of this should be carefully considered.

Finalisation – The final phase

Final implementation

All preliminary decisions have now been made and the final phase can begin. You have no more questions and you are sure of what to expect at the end of this journey? This is exactly how it should be!

Because now I put all the puzzle pieces together. This step is not just about the visual result, but also about many technical things that I prepare for you.

I create all the necessary file formats, define the color codes in all variations and create the individual components for printing and digital use. Because each and every every area needs specifically created content. Not all projects are the same. But in the end you get your tailor-made and comprehensive package for your project.


In case of digital data, you will receive this via email or a link for download. If I made or ordered printed objects, you can pick them up or I can send them to you per post.

Now you have your finished project in hand and it has turned out exactly as you imagined!


As you see, you have to think about many things. With the right partner at your side, you don't have to worry though, because all steps are planned by me and I'll guide you through the process. So you don't need to be afraid of forgetting anything. That's the reason you're looking for a professional who knows his trade.

Starting and working on an illustrated project, even if you have never done it before, is an exciting endeavour and I will help you during every step of the way and navigate you safely through all phases and decisions until you receive your finished project.


You now have the courage to tackle your project because you now know how everything works?

Then get in touch with me to bring you one step closer to your success!

Contact me


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