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How to setup an Artist Contract

Are you a business working with artists or are an artist yourself? Have you ever had to set up a contract yourself but felt overwhelmed about what's necessary to put in? Read on to get my tips on all the essentials for a great artist contract.

Exchanging money for design work - Licensing for artists

"Oh gosh thanks so much. That’s wholesome content shared."


"These points are really great and I think it covers a lot to start as a beginner. Thank you and grateful!"


I've written a blog post for Sketch Design Repeat to show, which elements are necessary for every contract and why having a contract in place is for your own good.

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Picture of me, Nina, founder and creative director of MilkyRosa design agency

Written by Nina Schindlinger

Hi, I am Nina - the founder and creative director of MilkyRosa Design Agency. I specialise in branding and product design for companies that are young-at-heart. My design style is bold, playful and charming, which I use to make the world a little bit more colouful and to make your company tangible for your customers and create an experience they will remember.


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Sketch Design Repeat was founded by Shannon McNab, a surface designer and teacher. She offers business courses to help designers get art licensing deals and make a living from their art.


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