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Guest Blogger for Sketch Design Repeat - 2022

I had the opportunity to become a guest blogger for Sketch Design Repeat this year. To me, this is an honour in itself, because Shannon McNab taught me a lot throughout the last years. Without her I wouldn't be where I am today. She is a bundle of joy and information regarding surface design! And - she doesn't shy away from talking money!

Read on to find out more about Shannon, Sketch Design Repeat and the 2022 Blog Team.


Shannon McNab

Shannon is an American surface designer and teacher, who just recently moved to Dublin, Ireland. I love her for her wisdom and her character. She's always fun to listen to and she shares a lot of industry insights. She also covers topics that other educators shy away from, like money, mindset and mental health.

She has worked with brands like Papyrus, Cloud9 Fabrics and Pyrex.

Instagram @smcnabstudio

Sketch Design Repeat

This is her teaching platform, where she offers affordable courses for upcoming surface designers on how to get licensing deals and how to price their work. Her two main courses are "Pitch Your Portfolio" and "Artful Pricing". She also has a few classes on Skillshare.


I'm not the only one writing for Shannon this year. I'm surrounded by many talented, lovely ladies! We all come from different backgrounds and have different insights, so this year will be full of knowledge and wisdom.

Cody Alice Moore

Cody already has 16 years of experience under her belt. She used to be an art buyer for a national photo lab. In 2019 she became a full-time freelancer and keeps growing her portfolio for licensing.

Instagram @codyalicemoore

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Lau Hernandez

Lau is from the Caribbean, which reflects in her bright and joyful designs. By designing she creates the future she wants to live in, which is a better world filled with bright colours.

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Priyadarshini Das Sharma

Priya is an Indian surface designer, teacher and the founder of Anthea Designs. She enjoys spending her spare time with her daughters and four rescue dogs.

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Bex Morley

Bex is a British designer and business coach living in Canada. Her patterns get licensed on stationery, fabric and home decor all over the world. She wants others to succeed in their own business endeavours, that's why she started teaching.

Instagram @bex.morley

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Lucia Sanguinetti-Jonescheit

DEINKI is Lucia's surface design brand, where she creates colourful and sophisticated patterns since 2019. She started designing, after her second child was born. Lucia is originally from Argentina, but now lives in Germany with her husband and two kids.

Instagram @deinki_com

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Laura Coyle

Laura has illustrated for big brands like Target, Hallmark, Amazon and Disney in her 25-year career. She works exclusively in Adobe Illustrator and loves to share her wisdom about everything vector as a teacher.

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Jen Picicci

Jen is a painter who always loved art, but for a long time didn't know how to pursue it as a career. If she's not painting, she's found outdoor hiking or planting flowers.

Instagram @jenpicicci

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As not all designers have their blog posts published yet, I'll keep updating this article regularly with new infos.


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