Various documents and materials are required in order to ensure your best visibility for your customers. This starts with internal visuals, because the company’s appearance has to be coherent in order to be able to confidently portrait it to the outside.

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There is a multitude of products illustrations can be used on to get your message across. But the most important thing is to stay personal.

Content is understood best through imagery. Try to make an impact in a relevant way by choosing a style that stands out from the crowd and highlights your company's personality.

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Have you ever realized how much surface design surrounds us in our daily lives? If not yet, open your eyes to the vast number of products using illustrated patterns! The reasons are simple. Patterns are very pleasing to the eye and enhance a product without being too obvious. But they have the power to affect someone’s decision to buy. A simple shirt suddenly becomes the main focal point when the right design is used.

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Great! Because my designs can be licensed for the use on your products and items.

Please take a look at a selection of my work.


At least sixty percent of first time consumers choose a product due to its packaging. It simply catches their attention. And returning customers remember your brand based on images and visuals.

That’s why packaging design should be your main focus and not just an afterthought, because it could be the reason for your success.

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One of the first things we learn in life is how to read pictures. Picture Books to be exact. That’s why it comes naturally to understand images so easily.

Illustration is a wonderful way to build worlds of possibilities and freedom. That’s why illustration lends itself to publishing and explaining otherwise harder to understand content.

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Characters capture our attention, because we see ourselves reflected in them. Sometimes they even help us to realize how we feel. Using characters in your projects shows a commitment to conveying emotions. That’s why characters are so effective in storytelling.

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Portraits are personal and your face is your identity. Why not highlight it? The teams section is the most clicked section on any homepage. Because customers like to know who we are. They like to get a feel for our character and if we click.

It can also be a very intimate gift. Through illustration you can combine a portrait with items of things you cherish or loved ones who are no longer with us.

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Drawing is still my hobby. So whenever I am not working on client briefs I bring my own ideas to life. Art directing my own projects is a lot of fun, because I work on products and themes that are close to my heart. I regularly exhibit at craft- and comic fairs to connect with my audience and build relationships with other illustrators and creatives.

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